Fall is finally here and it’s time to put away the sundresses and flip flops and trade them in for jeans and a light jacket. Fall brings a vast number of things to do in Santa Barbara, and we are here to help with your transportation needs. What better than cruising all around town and enjoying the fall spirit in a private limo or trolley? Here are 5 ideas for fun things to do in Santa Barbara to embrace the fall and winter seasons:

  1. Visit the pumpkin patch! Everyone should do this at least once, and this one is especially fun for kids.
  2. Go to dinner on state street and see all of the fall and Christmas spirit. We love the lights downtown!
  3. Go on a tour of the Christmas lights around Santa Barbara. We offer both private and public tours in December that hit all of the best spots!
  4. Go Ice skating! The rink in Goleta is fairly new and a great way to get some chilly weather for a few hours right in Santa Barbara.
  5. Go to the zoo and see all the animals while embracing the Christmas spirit.
  6. Take a wine tasting tour and experience fall in style, while tasting finely crafted wines.

No matter what you choose to do this fall, we can help with all of your transportation needs. From needing a lift to and from the ice skating rink to planning your own private lights tour with us, we have you covered. All of our vehicles come with expert drivers who know Santa Barbara very well and who can give you the best possible transportation experience.