Fall is finally here and it’s time to put away the sundresses and flip flops and trade them in for jeans and a light jacket. Fall brings a ton of things to do in Santa Barbara, and we are here to help with your transportation needs for all of these fun activities. What better than cruising all around town and enjoying the fall spirit in a private limo or trolley? One of our favorite activities come December is visiting all of the Christmas lights around town. We make it easy for you and have both public and private tours available that stop by the best spots, we call it our tour of lights. Our tour starts off at Sambos where we serve complimentary hot chocolate, and then everyone boards the trolleys to see all of the best lights in Santa Barbara.

The tour is 90 minutes long, and perfect for all ages. While on board we provide candy canes and can answer any questions about the history of the tour of lights in Santa Barbara. This is great for younger members of the family, and a great start to a family tradition. We offer two different tour times daily, to accommodate work schedules and early bedtimes. In addition to public tours we also offer private tours. You can rent out three different sized trolleys, that can comfortably fit 20-34 passengers. This tour is perfect for corporate gatherings, a Christmas birthday, a family get together, or a night out just to see the lights. Our private tours are similar to our public tours,and take the same route to see the lights.

No matter what your fall and winter plans have in store, we are here for any and all of your transportation needs. To book our tour of lights you can go to our website at http://rockstartrolley.com/services-lights-tours.php or call (805) 882-9191.